number of blue whales ‘Astonishing’ in South Georgia

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Scientists say they have seen a remarkable collection of blue whales in coastal waters around the UK sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia.

23-day survey they counted 55 animals – a total that is unprecedented in the decades since commercial whaling ended.

South Georgia is a center for hunting in the early 20th Century.

boat area with steam-powered spear they are important in reducing the Antarctic blues only a few hundred individuals.

To watch 55 of them are now back to what was once featured feeding ground for residents has been described as “really, really amazing” by cetacean specialist Dr Trevor Branch of the University of Washington, Seattle.

“To think that in a period of 40 or 50 years, I just got a note for two sightings of blue whales around South Georgia. Since 2007, there have been possible sightings are more isolated. So to go from basically no 55 in one year amazing, “he told BBC News.

“It’s such good news to see that they are more likely to rebound and return to the place where they were previously very abundant here.”

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